Naruto Manga 629 Spoiler Hashirama

Naruto 629 raw will be out on tuesday night with english translation.
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naruto manga 629

naruto manga 629

Well, nothing actually happened that excited me. It seems Madara can’t wait to embarrass Hashirama the same way Hashirama embarrassed him. When will we see the evil kyubi’s Chakra?(assuming it’ll come back)And so the others jinchuruki’s surprise left for naruto. Hopefully 629 releases today or tomorrow because that previous chapter was garbage compared to how they hyped it up from the previous chapter..

Madara’s face was fucking funny. Anyway, this was a buildup chapter to more interesting things I suppose… I’m pretty amazed by the Juubi’s destructive power, it’s really something else, is it gonna transform again ? Also, we’ll finally get to learn about Rin, and why her body is so special that Kiri wanted it so badly, there has to be something special about it, to the point of ignoring someone with the Sharingan just to get her.

I never though that the day will come when I will be away from the forum because the chapters are not good while every time that sasuke had’ve in the chapter, those chapter were decents, Madara’s face was hilarious.